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The filling station for big bags is manufactured on purpose to fill and vibrate big bags of soil.

  • Size of the bags: mm 960 x 960 x 2150 height
  • Height of the big bag, including the supporting “buttonholes” : mm 2300


  • Supporting frame made of steel tube, where the cylinders for shaking are placed.
  • Mobile upper base, mounted on nylon guides, where the frame to support the big bag is located.
  • Frame with hooks to support the Big Bag, with place to insert the forks of the fork lift. This frame is made on purpose to allow the filling of the Big Bag, without the presence of the fork lift. This frame allows also to transport the Big Bag to the storing area.
  1. The functioning of this machine is pneumatic and the consumption is about 480 litres of air, per each Big Bag.
  2. The machine is provided with electrical installation and remote control to allow the driver of the fork lift to start the filling.
  3. The Big Bag that exits from the station, is perfectly stable and can be stored or transported on trucks, without problems.
  4. When the size of the Big Bag is smaller, the installation can be provided with a supporting base, adjustable for height.
  5. When a high capacity is required, this station can be double.

In case of double stations, we must mount above the supporting towers, a belt with reversible sense of rotation, to fill alternatively the 2 stations.

Throughput of 1 station: up to 12 Big Bags per hour, if you have 2 fork lifts, considering about 3 minutes to fill it and about 2 minutes to remove the frame and hang the new Big Bag.

Customers claim that, depending on products, they can fill up to 3m3 into a BigBag of 2m3.